Mineraalit kohtaavat

Adam Ondra Climbing in the Frankenjura

”What struck [Vernadsky] most was that the material of Earth’s crust has been packaged into myriad moving beings whose reproduction and growth build and break down matter on a global scale. People, for example, redistribute and concentrate oxygen . . . and other elements of Earth’s crust into two-legged, upright forms that have an amazing propensity to wander across, dig into and in countless other ways alter Earth’s surface. We are walking, talking minerals.” (Margulis & Sagan: What is Life)

”The mineral shelf represents a flow whose timescale is nearly unfathomable from the scale of duration represented by the electrolytic and metabolic processes of muscle and nerves — but even at this timescale . . . singularities abound: a three millimeter-wide fissure just wide enough to allow the placement of one finger, and anchored by sufficiently solid earth to permit but eighty pounds of pressure for, say, three seconds but no longer. . . the climber’s task is less to ’master’ in the macho, form-imposing sense than to forge a morphogenetic figure in time, insert himself into a seamless, streaming space and to become soft and fluid himself, which means momentarily to recover real time . . . ” (Kwinter: Architectures of Time)

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